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Corporeal Competence Commission

Somewhere in present day Eberron….

You are approached by a man wearing a uniform bearing the CC, Corporeal Competence, insignia. Your senses flare anticipating a fight. You’ve heard of this outfit before – bounty hunters, and assassins. Most who end up on the receiving end of that stick wind up six feet under. Fortunately though, the man quickly assuages your fears and assures you he is just a messenger. He hands you the following writ….

Dear Sir,
The offices of Corporeal Competence wish to commission your services. If you are interested please attend the commissioning meeting to discuss compensation, contractual obligations, and all applicable waivers (i.e death and dismemberment). This is a one time offer.
Bosley Bennet

Your better judgment wins the day and you decide to check the offer out. You are given a ticket for lightning rail passage to Wroat, Breland and told to be at the CC offices by 7:30 AM sharp tomorrow.


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